Beginning and Ending

Each day has a beginning, a middle and an end. Just as each story and every song starts, continues and finally finishes. I wonder sometimes, more often than I would like to admit, if something I thought to be forever is dying. If what began with so much promise and hope has ended. I wonder…

Because (under construction)

Because! My life is so damn hard, In a way No One else In the whole wide world… Would EVER understand! Because! My problems are worse than all the billions of people on this planet! Why doesn’t anyone understand it? My life, my pain, my terrible past, Means I get a special pass! The rules you…


First place, that space in life’s race. It’s Hard to win. Fast pace, why do I waste My Steps by strutting them? Losin the lead! While I’m Facebook frontin’. Snapchat my reality. Check-in at the gym For Instagramifaction Selfie stick, blow a kiss! It’s missin satisfaction. Sharp glow exposure high. Crystal clear, still clearly Lie….

Plenty of Fish

Tall fish Tan Fish Sweet Fish Cat fish So many fish Jumping in the boat Why try to catch The ones that don’t? What is the point of Casting a line Putting in effort Really trying To catch the big fish? When there’s so many Tiny night fish. Flipping tricky sticky mouths Open to eat…


I Swallow hard. I’m breathing harder. Like i’m underwater Sounds slow down Cant see farther Than the end of my hand I can barely stand Muscles locked up Heart hammering Airs fierce rushing Blood pounding crushing me low under Tears that Wont Stop coming Swallow them down But they keep fallin Wash my face Pretend…


How I used to feel


Memories I wish I didn’t have

Getting Fit: The Realistic and Persistent Way

Life can be an amazing joy. It takes time, but time flies by. Think about it. It seems like a year is an impossible amount of time.
Yet, last year went by in the blink of an eye. Give yourself a REALISTIC amount of time.