First place, that space
in life’s race.
It’s Hard to win.
Fast pace, why do I waste
My Steps by strutting them?
Losin the lead!
While I’m Facebook frontin’.
Snapchat my reality.
Check-in at the gym
For Instagramifaction
Selfie stick, blow a kiss!
It’s missin satisfaction.
Sharp glow exposure high.
Crystal clear, still clearly Lie.
Selfish selfie just of me.
Vibrant alter vintage me.
Verdant ancient candy sweet.
Soul piece lost, tweet by tweet.
Gold cup, medal, silver trophy.
Optical illusions I’m not holding.
Carefully constructed
lighting Posing.
Holding angles just for posting.
Filtering the truth you read.
I dont show on my feed.
Im last in line, side by side.
With 100 die or ride
Besties I don’t know.
People I have never met.
Blood ties, family fished
Out of ocean internet.
Participation ribbon blue.
I am givin at the end.
For this work I didn’t do
in this race I didn’t win.
Celebrating faux success
With imaginary friends.
Cheers to them!
And cheers to me.
Not least not Last
fact I owe it mostly.
For how I show me.
A big thanks, shout out for
Filters and photography.


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