I cant’t breathe but I won’t quit

First to ready but
hold on I’m not set.
Take that back
I’m not ready
I can’t set.
Will you let
Me take a minute?
I’m in it to win it
My eyes are on the line.
I’m ready to go but my
Feet frozen and I’m choking.
Running out of time.
Falling behind.
Feeling lost and blind.
Deaf and different.
What I just dont get.
Fear is in my way
That’s ok Ill move past it.
Heart beatin faster
My stomach a disaster.
It hasn’t started yet my
Face is wet with sweat
and I’m cold.
I’m freezing
Like my veins
Like my heart
Can I move on? Can I

Striped shirt whistle blurts
Bang bang coming
outta the gun.
Shakes my set but I
Push up and I run.
I’m off like that bullet.
Lightning Quick.

in my mind

Reality Hits
Air dense and thick.
Minutes like molasses.
Years like water
Trying to catch up
Going always slower.
Everyone around
Going faster than me
Getting better
Getting stronger
longer lasting than me.
I can’t breathe
I Need to exhale
My Chest puffed up
With what used to be air.

now it’s just there
Deep breath can I take it in
If I get it inside can I
Let it go breathe out again
Can’t take in more
There’s too much already
Air mixed up with
Last nights spaghetti
This mornings  Wheaties

I want to be a champion and
Champions eat these
Take deep breaths

Nope I just wheeze
Begging please
Like everybody else
Somebody take some of my
Baggage off of my life’s shelf.
Take it off of my back and
Hold it for me.
It’s getting hard to carry.
Need somebody to breathe
Their hope into me.
Want somebody to
Believe in me
Somebody that wants

To be with me.
To breathe with me
Get my chin up
Grit my teeth
And lift my eyes up
Train my gaze upon the prize
Time to leave excuses behind
Get them out of my mind
And be ready get set

And Go. I might lose today that’s ok

I’ll find a way to win some



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