Him always him

Why do the lines
That make your face.
Curve high in the middle
Draw tight turn down
at the ends.
I can’t see green.
I just see.
Lashes under eyebrows,
Hangin low down.
Just like the mouth.
That dangles below
The tip of your nose
Pointing at the ground.
Shoulders round.
Fallin in Protectively.
Holding up your chest,
Keeping it out.
Stopping it from caving in
The weight of the world
On those shoulders.
Hundreds of pounds
0on those Boulders
And bricks holding Your Motion.
Making you seem frozen.
Waiting for somebody,
To bring you a magic potion.
Designed to get you going.
Help you out with the rowing.
When it feels like there’s
No hoping.
For you to Stop sinking.
In this emotionless ocean.
Bailing negative life water
Out of your life
Boat that’s not floatin.
I’m watching you.
Across the room
While I’m pretending,
That’s not what i’m doin’.
“Michael who?”.
I don’t even know that dude.
Lying words but my eyes,
Tell the truth. They follow you.
I can see you.
Memorize your every move.
Watching the lines your body makes.
Heart skipping to the beat
Of the steps you take
Are you feelin what
I think you do?
I don’t know what
I should do.
Your heart, was it shredded?
So bad you can’t forget it?
Is that your story or
What I think?
If it is true
I just want the person who
made your lines dip,
To admit!
What they did!
Maybe then you could quit
Thinking over it
Getting caught up in it
Tripping over feeling hurt by it.
But I can’t get the words
Out Of my mouth
I left I went home.
Just so I could write it down.
Dont’ frown.
Wish I could be good
Enough that When I smile
At You, You smile back.
So I try to make that
Smile come out of you.
Act the fool for you.
I Dance Farmer Joe for you
Doe si doe for you
i’m a clown take your frown
Lift it up twist it upside down
for you
Till your Light goes on,
till your Glow come back.
after that I’ll Tip my hat
Bow real low til I know
You’re all right
Then if you need me to
I will go.
It’s not working.
I’m Not doing it.
I just want to see it.
Smile at me.
So it reaches your eyes.
I just want to Watch you,
Come back alive.
Make you happier inside.
I don’t know how to say this,
I get butterflies and I’m nervous.
Wanna show you homie love,
So I come, give you a hug.
Hope you feelin it.
I’ll have your back,
I can handle it.
Be your friend. All the time.
Not only when you are mine.
And I apologize.
For crossing lines.
For Expecting shit
When I can’t offer it.
I won’t do that
To you Again.
You have my promise.
I put my word on it.


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