I want to know somebody

I just want to know

somebody one body my body

craves and quivers oxygen running

fast and and liquid breathing quickly

Shivering dots pop up and I see

stars exploding deep inside me

I’m holding on won’t let go

Your eyes caught mine now

I can’t look away.

Im in a bit deeper

as the seconds change

Unsure if you feel the same

or I’m just a game

you know, get that gina!

Fuck moving slow put it inside her!

Because it seems to me that

I was the only 100 proof

undiluted straight up true

One in nine million

two hundred seventy two

Thousand reasons your

words said the opposite of

What your actions do

You can’t be interested in time

spent with me I must not be on your mind.

You don’t think of me like, ever!

open my phone to a message like, NEVER!

The way I felt in your arms, just right!

You kissed me and held me perfectly tight

In your lap where you seat me

holding me closely and intimately.

The night ends without goodnight and the sun rises  minus good morning.

It’s nothing there isn’t the message I wondered would come.

I’m not mad im not sad I’m just almost done.

It’s like you don’t mean to ignore and to hurt me

but you do so I’m obviously not a priority

If being around me was positive and right

you would want me around more than just late at night.

Pick choose and connect words Used to blur lines and my mind

This part and that part shared together at the same time

Carefully chosen in an order that’s meant

For me to get a bit more undressed.

No matter the promise of hands off and no sex

Im not sure if the beats in your chest

are counting for me or somebody else.

but until I know I won’t be around

chasing you down making sad sounds

pointing my eyes and nose at the ground

shoulders Hunched over and crumpled round

looking the way I feel by you, let down.

In the end I can only blame myself for hoping

I know that is silly

believing a man that makes me shiver

Was interested in more than just fucking me















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