Let Freedom Ring

For a while I seemed certain
That was before I caught the act
Behind the velvet curtain
Past the ropes
Where no ones looking
And now I’m not sure
Am I truly the person
To go on with this path anymore
Is it time to set it down
Walk away
Leave my card and let it play
Broken record repeating words
I didn’t want to hear
Unsure if I’m really more interested
In the fairy tale I tell myself
The life and times of a princess
All this Prince and castle bliss shit
Pure fantastic nonsensical
Completely ridiculous in my head shit
When really I’m just being dumb shit
And acting like my time has got no value in it
I’m not worth the effort Im pissed off for that
At myself still I want to know if I
Should let the hope for something
Go and be free like I did
Just now with the words I wrote out
It got something really true out
Hoping for something always brings
Discontent so this is where hope ends
Not a sad story this is how happiness begins


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