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Bat Shit Crazy Has A Classy Ring to It

         My name is Anna Jones. Sometimes I think that I am like Nancy Drew, Jason Bourne and MacGyver combined in a 5 foot 11 inch bad ass. Sometimes I think I can control animals with my eyes. I have been known to answer a voice no one else can hear talking. Rich, I call him. Because when he starts in with his psychoanalyst stuff all I can think is,  “Oh my, isn’t that RICH!”.

           Rich isn’t real. I hear him, but I know I am not supposed to answer. Sometimes I cannot help myself. He scares me, he tries to trick me and occasionally accidentally helps me. Hearing him talk 24/7 has driven me mad. I woke up one day and had basically no memories. I Still Don’t Know WHY? How?  Rich is constantly giving me theories. I used to think I was crazy but now I know that I am not. Which of course, makes me MAD As The HATTER. I wasn’t crazy before but I also wasn’t insightful, thoughtful or a genius. Now, I am. Or I am Mad. Read on to decide.